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Jacqueline de Jong

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  • Jacqueline de Jong
  • Sur le Bord
  • signed and dated '65; signed and dated '65 on the reverse
  • oil on canvas
  • 194 by 130 cm.


Denmark, Odense, Galerie Westing, 1966
Amsterdam, Galerie Krikhaar, 1965
Hengelo, Hengelosche Kunstzaal, 1966
Duesseldorff, Galerie Christa Schubbe, 1988
Hamburg, Galerie von Loeper, 1989
Munich, Galerie Helmut Leger, 1989-1991
Switzerland, Zurich, Galerie Thamm & Sander, 1990


E. Wingen, a.o., Jacqueline de Jong, Undercover, In de kunst / In Art, Amsterdam / Ghent 2003, p. 36, illustrated in colour

Catalogue Note

Joining the radical Gruppe Spur in Munich in 1959 was for Jacqueline de Jong the beginning of an intensive involvement with some of the most radical avant garde movements in Northern Europe. With the Gruppe Spur, initiated by artists Heimrad Prem, Helmut Sturm, Hans Peter Zimmer, and sculptor Lothar Fisher, De Jong found her vocabulary. In that same year she was present at the 3rd International Situationnist conference in Munich, where she met Pinot Gallizio, Maurice Wijckaert, and her friends Armando and Constant, whom she had already met at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. It was also here that she was to meet Guy Debord, the enigmatic force behind the Situationist International. It was Asger Jorn who brought these two movements together and initiated their collaboration.

The influence of the Gruppe Spur members as well as Jorn, in all his restlessness, along with some of the Cobra painters, freed De Jong to develop a liberal, and at time, humorous expressionistic style of painting. Particularly her works in the early 1960s bear witness to her active role as member of the SI and all it's derivatives. She was certainly one of the creative forces of the Group.