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Diamond ring, Harry Winston

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  • Harry Winston
The emerald-cut diamond weighing 24.42 carats, flanked by tapered baguette diamonds, mounted in platinum. 


Property of a Lady, Christie's, New York, April 11, 1984, lot 143. 

Catalogue Note

Accompanied by GIA report no. 16800595 stating that the diamond is D color, VVS1 clarity; together with original working diagram stating that the stone may be potentially flawless. 

Also accompanied by a letter from the GIA stating that the diamond has been determined to be a type 11a. 

As the letter from the GIA attests, under 2% of the world's diamonds fall into the type 11 category, stones that contain little or no nitrogen. Within this rare classification, those stones graded as type 11a are the most chemically pure and are often completely colorless. Type 11b stones, which contain boron, are often blue in color.


Type 11a diamonds originated in the legendary Golconda region in India. These alluvial deposits, mined since antiquity and long depleted, produced some of the world's most famous and historically important diamonds, including the Koh-i-Nur, the Regent and the Great Mogul, all classified as type 11a. Today the term 'Golconda' is often used to denote quality rather than place and is reserved for those few diamonds that display extreme transparency with no trace of yellow body color.   


The absence of color in the present stone, combined with its exceptional transparency, make it a splendid example of a type 11a stone. The large size and beautiful cut only contribute to its desirability.