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María Izquierdo (1902-1955)

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  • María Izquierdo
  • Madre Proletaria
  • signed and dated 44 upper right
  • 19 1/2 by 41 1/4 in.
  • (75 by 105 cm)
oil on canvas


Roberto Guzman Araujo, Mexico
Samuel Weinberg, Mexico
Private Collection, Mexico


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Catalogue Note

This painting is part of the National Heritage of Mexico and cannot be exported from that country.  Accordingly, it is offered for sale in New York from the catalogue and will not be available in New York for inspection or delivery.  The painting will be released to the purchaser in Mexico in compliance with all local requirements.  Prospective buyers may contact Sotheby's representatives in Mexico City and Monterrey for an appointment to view this work.