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An Illustration of Krishna in his Cosmic Form

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  • An Illustration of Krishna in his Cosmic Form
  • Opaque watercolor heightened with gold on paper
  • image 18 1/2 by 11 3/4 in. (47 by 29.8 cm.)
  • folio 19 1/8 by 12 7/8 in. (48.9 by 32.6 cm.) unframed
Krishna is depicted here in his cosmic form as Vishnu, centering the Universe with his serpent Sheshnaga beneath. The Pandava and Kaurava armies gather on each side of his feet. The seven oceans of the earth encircle his body and at their center is Krishna dancing in his rasalila or cosmic cycle of ecstacy. Brahma sits within the crown on his head while Shiva pays obeisance from his abode in Mount Kailasa on the upper right. Above, Krishna is seen dancing the divine rasalila in his heavenly abode as the four Vedas, the fountain of all knowledge stand respectfuly on either side.


Peter Cochrane Collection

Catalogue Note

Compare with another illustration of the same subject in Philip Rawson, Tantra: The Indian Cult of Ecstasy, London, 1979, no. 48.