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A Highly Important and Rare South German Limewood Figure of Saint Catherine, by Tilman Riemenschneider (1460-1531)

4,000,000 - 6,000,000 USD
6,313,000 USD
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finely carved with her left hand holding the leather-bound book with its bag, her right arm resting by her side (hand lacking), her weight resting on her right leg forming a gentle curve of the body, the long mantle with elaborately punched border decoration over a laced bodice with stippled imitation of velvet on the borders, further embellished with carved jewels on the borders, the undergarment embroidered with the name KATHERI,  her long, wavy tresses falling about her shoulders, her head adorned with a jeweled crown, traces of black pigment in the eyes, the reverse hollowed, now upon demi-lune shaped wood base.