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Circle of Jan van Steffeswert, Dutch, circa 1460-1531, A carved oak figure of the Madonna and Child early 16th century

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in high relief, depicting the young Mother dressed in voluminous garments, holding the infant Christ before her left hip, the Child playing with a dove, damages to the base


R. Didier, L. Smets, Jan van Steffeswert,  Maaslands beeldhouwer uit het begin van de 16de eeuw, Stevensweert, 1988.
P.J. De Poel, Jan van Steffeswert, St. Anna-te-Driën, Maastricht, 1997.

Catalogue Note

Jan van Steffenswert mainly worked in the Maastricht area so it is not surprising that the Bonnefantenmuseum holds ten sculptures by him, of which three are signed. In total, fourteen signed works by Van Steffenswert are known, a unusual procedure for his time and testimony of his selfconfidence as an artist. Van Steffenswert is considered an important figure in the transition between the Medieval and the Renaissance sculpture and had influence on the art of the Limburg region as well as the Belgian and German border region.