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Gordon, Arthur Charles Hamilton, Lord Stanmore.

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  • Four volumes of diaries and letters, comprising:
i) Autograph manuscript diary with regular detailed entries during his journey to take up the governorship of Fiji, covering his departure from England, extended periods of travel around Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and Singapore including meetings with the Maharajah of Johor, and the onward journey to Australia and Sydney, text on rectos with a few plans and sketches on versos, 47 pages, 8vo, 22 March to 6 June 1875; with further diary pages from a different notebook loosely inserted with entries during his time in Fiji, 27 pages, 8vo, 1 January to 17 August 1776, with gaps; also with further diary pages from another notebook loosely inserted, comprising further entries during his governorship of Fiji, text on rectos only, 15 pages, 8vo, 15 August 1877 to 19 January 1878

ii) Autograph manuscript diary of his return journey to England from Fiji via Australia and Ceylon, with further entries in England including many meetings with Gladstone, travels around the British Isles, and a cruise up the west coast of Scotland and across the North Sea to Denmark in the company of gladstone, tennyson ("...tennyson read maud..."), and others, 64 pages, 18 August 1882 to 5 September 1883, together with further diary entries headed "Journal for Jack", in both Gordon's and another hand, describing a journey to Italy, 5 to 30 November [n.y.], 28 pages, with 11 pages of further notes, 8vo, spine detached, worming

iii) Autograph manuscript notebook and diary kept after his retirement from colonial service and elevation to the peerage, including notes on Ceylon, administrative affairs, architecture, and other subjects, copy letters, and diary entries from 29 January 1895 to 25 July 1896, 118 pages, 8vo

iv) Autograph letters signed by Arthur Gordon's wife Rachel, to various family members, describing her travels and life in Fiji with family and personal news, bound in an album with some letters loose, c.500 pages, 8vo, Ascot Wood Cottage, Staines, Hawarden, Sydney, Fiji, and other locations, 1873-76, some items torn

Catalogue Note

journals of a distinguished victorian colonial administrator. A.C.H. Gordon (1829-1912), later Lord Stanmore, began his career as an MP and secretary to Gladstone. His governorship of Fiji (1875-80) was perhaps his most successful posting, although he was later  Governor of Ceylon (1883-90). Fifteen volumes of his diaries are held by the British Library.