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Carl Andre

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  • Carl Andre
  • Equivalent V
  • sand-lime brick (1966)/firebrick (1969), 120-unit rectangular solid on floor; 2 high x 5 stretcher x 12 header


Acquired by the present owner from the artist in 1969


New York, Tibor de Nagy Gallery, Carl Andre, 1966 (the sand-lime work)
New York, Dwan Gallery, Carl Andre, 1969 (the present lot)
New York, L&M Arts, Elemental Form, 2006


Exh. Cat., The Hague, Haags Gemeentemuseum; Eindhoven, Stedelijk Van Abbemuseum, Carl Andre, 1987, cat. no. 66-5
Exh. Cat., Krefeld, Haus Lange und Haus Esters and Wolfsburg, Kunstmuseum, Carl Andre Sculptor, 1996, p. 121, illustrated (the first version in Carl Andre at Tibor de Nagy Gallery, New York in 1966)

Catalogue Note

The present work was conceived as part of a single 8-part work titled Equivalent exhibited at Andre's second one-man show at the Tibor de Nagy Gallery. Each unit consisted of 120 bricks arranged in equivalent masses but different shapes; each was 2 bricks high but the length and width varies. The Equivalents also had a mathematical balance between the total area of covered floor and the remaining floor of the gallery. To involve the viewer, the units were spaced so that the gallery visitor could walk easily among them, gaining a full sense of various ``equivalences'' of the overall work. The artist destroyed all but one, Equivalent VII, from the original 1966 show and the present work is one of seven that were recreated in firebrick as individual sculptures in 1969. In 1995, Andre also created Sand-Lime Instar as an eight unit single work as in the 1966 installation.

In a 1967 Dwan Gallery exhibition in Los Angeles, Andre created an installation titled Cuts, which is the inverse of Equivalents. The gallery floor was covered by bricks with eight voids in the proportions of the individual Equivalents. Thus the solid forms from 1966 become the negative space in 1967.