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Marilyn Minter

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  • Marilyn Minter
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  • chromogenic print


Baldwin Gallery, Aspen
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Catalogue Note

The seductive paintings and photographs of Marilyn Minter border both on photorealism and abstraction. Her work pieces together commercial depictions of femininity while juxtaposing glamour and nausea. The enamel on metal paintings and large format c-prints include references from many major movements both artistically and socially; such as Surrealist photography, post-Warhol pop, advertising and pornography. For instance, from pop she takes the idea of something glamorous and heightens it to an extreme degree of desecration. In the early 1990s Minter refined her work, becoming less pornographic and more focused on fashion and glamour. However, rather then photographing the most beautiful image of her model, she captures the moment where everything goes awry. It is not Minter's intentions to create something "disgusting;" instead she feels that "things like this are beautiful in their complications" (Morning News Online; "The Pathology of Glamour." Interview by Nicole Pasulka. Janurary 8, 2007). Therefore it is the imperfections of Minter's muddy stiletto's, running mascara, or dripping skin which take the glamorous image and turns it into something honest and raw; for Minter, something that is real.