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Marilyn Minter

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  • Marilyn Minter
  • Splattered
  • signed, titled and dated 2002 on the reverse

  • enamel on aluminum


Andréhn-Schiptjenko, Stockholm
Acquired by the present owner from the above in 2002

Catalogue Note

The present work demonstrates Minter's typical style of layering translucent enamel paint on aluminum to create a luminous, almost disorienting finish. She does this by distorting color, form, and scale, all of which push the image in the direction of abstraction. Her paintings are often based on her photographs which bring forth an inherent dichotomy in the image. For instance, in Splatter, the close up view of the shut eye is depicting an imperfection; the splattering of eye shadow, perhaps loosened by the sweat of the woman. The viewer is confronted with this fashion disaster as moisture seems to destroy the beautiful eye. This is in contrast to the meticulous handling of the paint, the perfection of each detail is "immaculate – and unprecedented; no one has ever handled enamel paint with such sensitivity and nuance" ("Beauty and Desecration:" Art in America, March 2007, p. 134). Minter is able to depict a photo-like rendering of this fashion mishap through extreme stylization. Therefore, Minter presents the dichotomy of the imperfect and perfect through a flawed subject and her extreme painterly technique.