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Liam Gillick

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  • Liam Gillick
  • Resisted Production

  • painted aluminium and transparent Plexiglas

  • 100 by 101 by 22.1cm.; 39 3/8 by 39 3/4 by 39 3/4 in.
  • Executed in 2008, this work is unique.

Catalogue Note

Liam Gillick's most significant project at the ICA has been Kiosk:
'Modes of Multiplication' & Liam Gillick: 'Edgar Schmitz', in 2005. For
this exhibition the artist created a reading room in the ICA's lower
gallery, a structure for a travelling archive of independent art
publications. Gillick has also participated in group shows such as The Speaker Project, 1992, Glass Shelf Show, 1996, and Memorial to The Iraq War, 2007.

The work Resisted Production, 2008, is a new piece made by the artist for the ICA's 60th anniversary auction. Gillick's screen sculptures are based on an analysis of how ideology is manifested in architecture – and how, in turn, architecture affects social interaction.

"As a teenager visiting the ICA, I first had to deal with the functional reality of contemporary art. From then on everything had to be questioned. The ICA is a model context for the true
extension of ideas."
 (Liam Gillick, 2008)