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Collection of early paper documents regarding legal and business matters, romance and religion, Latin and Italian

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6 items, including (a) 5 leaves from the town cartulary of Pisa (foliated 1-2, 45-7), in Latin, 290mm. by 220mm., with brief descriptions of a number of petitions and letters issued in the town, in light brown ink in an accomplished secretarial hand, with large pen and ink initials, wide and clean margins, watermark very close to Briquet, no.791 (Pisa, 1392-5), late fourteenth century; (b) a small booklet formed from a single leaf of paper, containing a list of agricultural produce which passed through "Die zoll ze Triendt", the customs post outside the town of Trent on one of the Alpine passes between northern Italy and southern Austria, in Latin, 306mm. by 218mm.,  including records of German wines, cattle, pigs, chickens and other produce with lists of the taxes rendered, watermark a close variant of Briquet no. 14653 (Eger, 1461), fifteenth century; (c) a small booklet of 4 leaves containing a legal opinion by three lawyers in Parma over the disputed sale of land in Castell' Arquato, near Piacenza, in Latin, 296mm. by 205mm., seal impression, c.1460; (d) the record book of a public notary, c.94 pages, 293mm. by 222mm., in Latin, Italy, 1523; a booklet of 9 leaves containing the Garello family's records of their legal proceedings between 1481 and 1549 (c.35 cases in total), doubtless in preparation for a large case c.1549, 320mm. by 107mm.; (f) a single leaf of Italian verse beginning "chr Cosa e dio ...", 215mm. by 145mm., Italy, seventeenth century; (g) a booklet containing 33 poems on romance or religion in Italian verse, 22 leaves (4 blank), 200mm. by 140mm., collation: i-ii8, iii6, never bound and partly uncut, marbled wrappers, fine calligraphic script, decorative initials, head- and tail-pieces in simple penwork, the ink sometimes eating through the paper, seventeenth century