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Collection of leaves from decorated liturgical manuscripts, in Latin, on vellum

800 - 1,000 GBP
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10 leaves (including 2 bifolia) from various manuscripts, including (a) two bifolia from a breviary, approximately 368mm. by 212-250mm., 39 lines, in dark brown ink with capitals touched in red, rubrics in red, numerous 1-line initials in red, sixteen 2- to 4-line initials in alternate red and blue, some with internal penwork and tracery into margins, Germany, late thirteenth century; (b) cutting from a gradual, 310mm. by 303mm., seven 4-line staves in red with corresponding text, capitals touched in red, rubrics in red, two large initials the full-height of the stave in red and blue with contrasting penwork flourishing in red or purple, probably Italy, fifteenth century; (c) Gradual, single leaf, 410mm. by 350mm., eight 4-line staves in black (with red staff-lines) with corresponding text, rubrics in red, eight large initials in red or blue with contrasting penwork (those on verso somewhat rubbed), Italy, fifteenth century; in total 8 leaves from non-musical liturgical texts, 2 with musical notation, all recovered from bindings and somewhat defective, some with material from later bindings still in situ