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Andrei Filippov, b.1959

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  • Andrei Filippov
  • Four photo-collages from the project Pila [SAW], edition 3/5
  • Executed in 2006

  • 40 by 60cm, 15¾ by 23½in.

Catalogue Note

Andrei Filippov conceived his project SAW in the late 1980s, at the time of the collapse of the Berlin Wall, however it remained unrealised until 2006. The underlying idea was to create a work that would reflect the artist's thoughts on the opposition between the West and the East, which he sees as rooted in the history of the Roman Empire, itself brought down by the split of Christianity into Eastern Orthodoxy and Western Catholicism. Filippov created a giant sculpture in the form of a saw, which, like the hand of fate, cuts through the earth's surface and represents 'an image of unappeasable fate inflicting humanity with mortal wounds, like geological faults' (Ekaterina Degot: 2000). In terms of the visual concept, the artist draws analogies between the teeth of the saw and the jagged outline of the Moscow Kremlin wall.