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Lynn Chadwick

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  • Lynn Chadwick
  • High Wind III
  • Bronze, green brown patina


Galeria Freites, Caracas (acquired directly from the artist)
Private Collection (acquired from the above)


Dennis Farr and Eva Chadwick, Lynn Chadwick, Sculptor, With a Complete Illustrated Catalogue, 1947-1996, Oxford, 1990, no. C115, illustration of another cast p. 409

Catalogue Note

Always seeking to refine the modern aesthetic in sculpture, Chadwick continued to challenge artistic convention through the latter years of his artistic career. The present work, conceived in 1990, is a lyrical testament to his stylized approach to sculpture. Where he had formerly displayed the faces of his figures as bold shapes, he here conceals the identity of this female figure through the previously absent feature of her hair. The absence of identity adds an enigmatic and striking element to High Wind III.

Chadwick began the High Wind series in 1980 with Maquette I High Wind (Dennis Farr and Eva Chadwick, no. 799) and by the time he conceived of the present work he had thoroughly refined his model. The series centered on capturing motion -- a recurrent theme throughout his oeuvre. As Dennis Farr and Eva Chadwick note in their catalogue raisonné on the artist, "Chadwick has always been intrigued by movement, either actual or implied, in his sculpture. From his early mobiles to his dancing Teddy Boy and Girl series of the 1950s to his cloaked walking women with windswept hair of the 1980s, he has explored figures in motion. Sometimes their cloaks and draperies flow out in the wind from behind them, or are caught by a gust and wrap themselves around the figures" (Dennis Farr and Eva Chadwick, op. cit., p. 15).


Fig. 1 The artist with another cast of the present work