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Pool Cue Given To Mickey Mantle By Willie Mosconi, Made By Frank Paradise

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Mickey Mantle was best known for the long shots that he sent over fences while Willie Mosconi, "Mr. Pocket Billiards," was famous for his long strings of billiard shots. They are forever tied by the date of April 17th. On that date in 1953, Mantle launched a monster 565 foot home run in Washington D.C.'s Griffith Stadium. Three years later on April 17th, Mosconi sank 150 consecutive balls in a billiard tournament. Between the years of 1941 and 1957, Mosconi won the BCA World Championship of pool an amazing fifteen times. Mosconi regularly employed numerous trick shots, set numerous records and helped to popularize the game of billiards. Mosconi also served as the technical consultant for The Hustler. According to the accompanying letter from William Mosconi, Mantle and Mosconi were friends and even worked together from time to time at the national sports shows in the early years. They also worked as celebrity hosts at a casino in Atlantic City. This two-piece pool cue, made by Frank Paradise, was a gift from Willie to Mickey. Paradise was a famous custom pool cue maker whos pool cues are highly sought after and very collectible on their own. At the base of the cue is the embossed inscription in gold "From Willie Mosconi To Mickey Mantle." One can only imagine what a game of straight pool was like between the Hustler and the Mick. Also included is the original carrying case. There is a letter of acquaintance from William Mosconi (Willie Mosconi's son) and LOA from Mark Kulungian (Billiard Cue Appraiser and Curator) and an appraisal letter from Brad Simpson (Author of Blue Book of Pool Cues I, II and III).