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Jacopo da Ponte, called Jacopo Bassano Bassano del Grappa circa 1510 - 1592

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  • Jacopo da Ponte, called Jacopo Bassano
  • The Crucifixion
  • oil on slate


Anonymous sale, New York, Christie's, May 26, 2000, lot 50 (as Leandro Bassano);
There purchased by the present owner.

Catalogue Note

This Crucifixion is an autograph replica of the Crucifixion in the Museu Nacional de Catalunya, Barcelona (inv. no. 108373), which, like the present painting, is on slate, and also measures approximately 19 by 12 inches.  Both the Barcelona and the present Crucifixion are revisions on a smaller scale of the frescoed Crucifixion in Cartigliano, executed by Jacopo and his son, Francesco, in 1575.  Ballarin believes that the slate pictures were executed this same year, when Bassano painted a series of nocturns on slate depicting scenes from the Passion of Christ, including the Road to Cavalry, the pendant to the Barcelona picture, now in the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna and The Annunciation to the Shepherds in the National Gallery, Prague.  Indeed, the deep black color of the slate would have provided a dramatic natural backdrop upon which to create these realistic and powerful night scenes. 

When this painting was sold at Christie's in 2000, it was attributed to Leandro Bassano (Jacopo's son and principal assistant).  Since that time Ballarin has seen the Crucifixion 
firsthand and has unhesitatingly confirmed an attribution to Jacopo himself.  Ballarin also restated his belief that Bassano painted the present slate composition circa 1575, when making replicas of his own creations was a working practice of the artist.1

Professor Ballarin will include the present painting in his forthcoming monograph on the artist.


1  Professor Ballarin in an oral correspondence with the consignor.