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A Brussels Pastoral tapestry, from the story of 'Pastor Fido', attributed to the workshop of Judocus de Vos, after Nicholas van Schoor and Peter Spierincx circa 1710

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  • height 9ft. 8in.; width 16ft. 1in.
  • 2.95m; 4.90m
depicting the blindfolded Amaryllis approaching Myrtillus, four of her sister nymphs hiding behind him and another sitting on the ground to the left playing a tambourine, an extensive landscape in the distance, in entwined ribbon and fleurette border. 


H. Gðbel, Wandteppiche, Leipzig, 1923, part 1, vol.1, p.397, notes that Nicholas van Schoor and Peter Spierincx were entrusted by Daniel Stroobant, Lord of Ter-Brugge, with the design of the figures and of the landscapes for the Pastor Fido series.  Gðbel notes that Stroobant was most probably acting for the Elector Palatine Johann Wilhelm. 

Catalogue Note

Another weaving of this episode is one of a set of three relating the Story of Myrtillus and Amaryllis in the collection of Lord Digby at Minterne.  Another set by Judocus de Vos is in the Imperial Collection in Vienna.

The original source of the Pastor Fido tapestries was the popular tragi-comical romance Il Pastor Fido by G.B. Guarini first published in 1590.  Different cartoons were used for the later Brussels series. 

According to the story, Myrtillus who had fallen in love with Amaryllis was encouraged by the other nymphs to disguise himself as one of them and take part in a kissing competition.  Amaryllis declared him the winner as having the most passionate and tender kiss.  In the present episode the game Blind Man's Buff had been proposed by Corisca, one of the nymphs, who encouraged Myrtillus to take advantage of the occasion.