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A very fine ivory figure of Christ Crucified probably Flemish, late 17th century

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carved with His eyes directed towards Heaven, the facial hair and locks finely detailed, the perizonium billowing about His loin and gathered by a knotted robe, the folded section of drapery on His proper right carved from a separate piece


Related Literature:

Christian Theuerkauff, Die Bildwerke in Elfenbein des 16. – 19. Jahrhunderts, Berlin, 1986

Catalogue Note

This very fine Corpus Christi appears to have been carved by the same hand as the one preserved in the Berlin State Museum and described by Theuerkauff as Italo-Flemish, late 17th/early 18th century. Also carved as the Christo vivo, the author draws comparison to the type invented by Alessandro Algardi circa 1645/46, and to the Crucifixion painted by Sir P.P. Rubens in Antwerp. A Flemish origin for artist is suggested, clearly under Italian influence.