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Anthony Dunne (b. 1964) and Fiona Raby (b. 1963)

4,000 - 6,000 GBP
5,000 GBP
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  • A unique 'Compass' table, manufactured by Hidden
corian, glass, compasses, steel, plastic, on L-shape legs


Troppotypes, Galleria Inter Nos, Milan, 2002

Catalogue Note

Three 'Compass' tables were manufactured by Hidden, each in a different size: the low rectangular version which is the current lot, plus a square and a taller narrow version. They were following on from the very first compass table, a high version, which was part of the 'Placebo' collection, created in 2000/2001. The project examined situations and reactions created by electromagnetic fields. The compasses inset into the top of the current lot twitch and spin in response to electronic items (including mobile telephones and laptops) placed on the surface. Dunne and Raby are interested in the reception of the pieces and how their owners interact with and explain electronic technologies, such as invisible electromagnetic waves. They see design as a social commentary and coined the term 'critical design', which is aiming to stimulate debate. The prototype tables differ from later versions by their L-shape legs which were substituted for square ones.

In 2005 Anthony Dunne was appointed professor and head of the Design Interactions department at  at the Royal College of Art where Fiona Raby teaches part-time.