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Two Royal German silver-gilt coffee pots, GEORG DREWES, HANOVER, CIRCA 1841, DATE LETTER H

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in sizes, decorated with flowers and rocaille ornament on matting, applied with the arms of Ernest Augustus King of Hanover, Duke of Cumberland and Brunswick-Lüneburg (1771-1851) and his Consort Frederica Queen of Hanover, Princess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (1778-1841), and engraved E(rnsti) A(ugusti) F(ideikommisSum)


Sale, Hanover, Sotheby's, 11 October 2005, lot 2503.

Catalogue Note


An interesting collection of works of art with a noble provenance was brought together by an avid collector of quality works with a distinguished provenance. The private collector from Southern Europe acquired many items in Sotheby's sale of the Collection of the Princes of Hannover, held in 2005 at Schloss Marienburg near the city of Hanover. Also in the Amsterdam sales Crowns and Coronets he found many items of his liking which he all used to decorate his home.

As time changes many things, including taste, the collector has now decided to give his home a complete makeover and therefore has put his acquisitions up for sale. The collection comprises circa 260 lots and offers a wonderful opportunity to purchase items previously acquired from the Princes of Hanover and other illustrious consignors.

The silver-gilt toilette service engraved with the coats-of-arms of Hanover and Mecklenburg was a birthday present from Ernest Augustus King of Hanover, Duke of Cumberland and Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg (1771-1851) to his wife Frederike. George Drewes, the silversmith, was asked to make a proposal first, then manufacture a jug after a design and make the promise to keep to the deadline of 1 March 1841; for 2nd March 1841 was Frederike's birthday. The service had to be executed in 15 lotig and Drewes received some old silver and two times a payment in advance. In the correspondence Drewes had about the service with a certain Mr Gonner, it becomes clear that he is in doubt about the commission. Apparently Ernest Augustus ordered a toilette service resembling another toilet service in the palace. Since there were at the time three different services, one of Ernest Augustus's grandmother, the Duchess of Hessen Darmstadt, one of his mother and one of the Duke Carl, Drewes had to know exactly which one was meant. The toilette service weighing 1028 Loth cost 2056 rf. including the gilding. Shortly after her birthday Frederike died on 29th June 1841.

The rest of the toilet set is included in lots 2503, 2504, 2505, 2506, 2507, 2508 and 2509 from the sale of works of art from the Royal House of Hanover. Part of the toilette service is now offered for sale, see lotnumber 1, 2, 3, and 4. It is recorded in the archives at Schloss Marienburg under heading of General-Verzeichnis derzum Königlichen Ernst-August Fideikommiss gehörigen Gegenstände

Neu aufgestellt und an Stelle des General-Verzeichnisses von 1855 und dessen Nachträge getreten. Gmünden in Oktober 1905, where each item in the toilet set is mentioned individually and the original cost of the whole is recorded as 5200 rf.