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  • 14 in. by 8 in.; 35.5 cm by 20.3 cm
painted on wood, his head turned to his right, and wearing a white chiton and himation draped high over the nape of the neck, his face with long beard and moustache, full lips, aquiline nose, arched brows, and thick richly curled hair.


Paul J. Sachs (1878-1965), Cambridge, Massachusetts
Joseph Brummer Gallery, New York, 1938


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Catalogue Note

For related examples cf. Yale University Art Gallery, Inv. No. 1939.264 (Gerry D. Scott, III, Ancient Egyptian Art at Yale, New Haven, 1986, No. 98A; Parlasca 1977, No. 354), Berlin State Museums, Ant. Inv. No. 31161/5 (Parlasca 1977, No. 361), and Eton College, Myers Museum, Inv. No. 1252 (E. Doxiadis, The Mysterious Fayum Portraits. Faces from Ancient Egypt, London, 1995, p. 23, Fig. 17), all thought to be Antonine and to come from the er-Rubayat necropolis, the first two having once been in the collection of Theodor Graf.