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A Polychrome Wood Figure of Ptah-Soker-Osiris, Ptolemaic Period, 304-30 B.C.

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  • A Polychrome Wood Figure of Ptah-Soker-Osiris
  • Height 29 in. 73.7 cm.
standing on a rectangular base and wearing a broad beaded collar with Horus-head terminals, large pendant in the form of a djed-pillar within a naos, tripartite wig, and crown composed of horns, plumes, and sun-disk, the face with black-painted eyebrows and cosmetic lines, a column of inscription in front naming the owner Padidi(?), son of Harpaese, born to the Lady Anchet, the back pillar inscribed with an offering formula, linked ankhs and was-scepters on the four sides of the base, a chequerboard on the top of the base.


Swedish private collection, 1980s

Catalogue Note

An old label under the base reads 151.