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Tal R

120,000 - 180,000 USD
276,000 USD
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  • Tal R
  • Wave Lamp
  • titled
  • oil on canvas


Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin

Catalogue Note

Tal R has painted Wave Lamp fiercely and dazzlingly, with broad and vibrant strokes. Though the style appears naïve, it is actually quite deliberate, promoting a false sense of childishness and chaos. Swaths of bright color devoid of gradation deny any pretense of illusory depth, reinforcing an absurd flatness and drawing attention to the painting’s crude execution. In this manner, the otherwise mundane subjects of stereo speakers, a lamp and a recorder are infused with a sense of spontaneity and adolescent excitement.  Thus Tal R is able refocus our attention on our surroundings, reminiscent of a time when all seemed new, and instilling the traditional medium of painting with new life.