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Lieutenant Edward Bampfylde Eagles d. 1866

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  • Lieutenant Edward Bampfylde Eagles
  • <P>An album of Sketches</P>
including; views of Nancy, ice bergs, the signal for sailing, a yacht close to the wind on the starboard tack, fishing boats, a steamer making a passage, going into St. John's Newfoundland (2), Greenwich Hospital, Hove short ready for casting (2), Dutch Galliot moderate breeze, waiting for the ship's boat, Konigswinter on the Rhine, fresh breezes and squally (2), Clifton and Hotwell's coming up the Severn, gale of wind and heavy sea, a summer's evening, signal for sailing, hauling in the net, Edystone light house off Plymouth (2), view in Norway, Gibraltar, lugger running free, carrying sail in chase, yacht on the starboard tack, Oberwesel on the Rhine, men of war off Cherbourg, the Rhine, Coblenz, Fisherman on the Devon coast (2), Bieberich on the Rhine, a Newfoundland dog saving a child, Rudesheim on the Rhine, Off Ostend (2), Neuwied on the Rhine, off North Yarmouth, coming to an anchor, Wellmich on the Rhine, dismasted and run on the beach, Boppard on the Rhine, Mt. Etna, Pendennis Castle entrance to Falmouth, the coast of Devon (3), the Kentish Coast, scudding in a gale, Dutch Galliott on the lands near Calais, Portsmouth (2), off the coast at Bermuda, at anchor off North Yarmouth, entrance to Boulogne, Mount Edgecombe near Plymouth, Ship on fire and others; bound in an album