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Illustrated leaf from a manuscript of Firdausi's Shahnama: Salim delivers the head of Iraj to Fereydoun, PERSIA, mid-16TH CENTURY

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gouache with gold on paper, text above and below the miniature in four columns of nasta'liq script in black ink; verso with twelve lines of text written horizontally with small panels of illumination within the text area

Catalogue Note

Fereydoun was one of the early legendary kings of Persia and was said to have ruled for five hundred years. In old age, Fereydoun divided his empire between his three sons, Salim, Tur and Iraj. To Iraj he gave the prime dominions of his empire, including the land of Persia itself and the royal throne. Tur and Salim were consumed by jealousy and waged war on their brother, eventually beheading him and sending his severed head to a grief-stricken Fereydoun. The crowned equestrian figure in this scene is Salim, followed by a standard-bearer carrying the impaled head of Iraj. Fereydoun later sent his successor Manuchehr to avenge Iraj's death. 

A manuscript depicting Salim's death was sold through these rooms, 11th October 2006 lot 40; Salim is identifiable by his red cloak, distinct crown and black steed.