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Adriaen van Ostade 1610-1685

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  • Adriaen van Ostade
  • the smoker and the drinker (g., holl. 13)
Etching, circa 1650, a very good impression of the third state (of six),  with thread margins, trimmed just within platemark in places; with G. 15; 16 and 34, etchings printed in red, sixth, third and fourth state respectively, with wide margins, G. 15 and G. 16 printed on the same sheet of laid paper, with some surface soiling and paper discoloration (mainly in the margins); with G. 17; 39; 42 and 46, etchings, four plates, second, third, eighth and fourth state respectively, with margins, except G. 39 trimmed just within platemark, in generally good condition; and a duplicate of G.17


G. 13 ex coll. K. F. F. von Nagler (L. 2529), Kupferstichkabinett der Staatlichen Museen, Berlin, with their de-accession stamp (L. 1606), Dr. W. Beck (L. 2603b), Dr. H. Fleischer (see L. 1362b), E. V. Rouir (L. 2156a), and with an unidentified collectors mark verso (not in Lugt); G. 17 ex coll. H. A. Kuester (L. 1287a); G. 42 ex coll. Revd J. Burleigh James (L. 1425), P. Davidsohn (L. 654), R. Robinow (L. 2237b)