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Circle of Leonardo da Vinci or Andrea Verrocchio

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  • Leonardo da Vinci
  • The Penitent Magdalene
  • oil on panel transferred to canvas

Catalogue Note

The head of the Magdalene is based upon a drawing in the Uffizi, Florence, formerly attributed to Leonardo da Vinci but now considered to be by the workshop of Andrea Verrocchio (see A. Petrioli Tofani, Gabinetto disegni e stampe degli Uffizi. Inventario. 1. Disegni Esposti, Florence 1986, p. 192, cat. no. 428 E, reproduced). The painting is faithful to the drawing in every detail, particularly in the intricate headress worn by the figure.

The present painting is accompanied by a photocertificate from Professor Erik Larsen dated July 16, 1957 that states that the painting is by Leonardo da Vinci.

In an 18th Century Italian frame.