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Follower of Domenikos Theotokopoulos, called El Greco

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  • Domenikos Theotokopoulos, called El Greco
  • Portrait of an Old Man, bust length, wearing a ruff collar
  • oil on canvas, in a 17th Century Italian frame


T. Borenius, "An Unknown Work of Titian's Last Phase," in Burlington Magazine, Vol. LXXX, June 1942, p. 133-4, reproduced (as a late work by Titian);
F. Valcanover, Tutta la pittura di Tiziano, Milan 1960, vol. II, p. 73 (as not by Titian);
F. Valcanover, L'opera completa di Tiziano, Milan 1969, p. 139, no. 601(as not by Titian);
H. E. Wethey, The Paintings of Titian, London 1971, p. 160, cat. no. X-29 (as a modern forgery)

Catalogue Note

The present painting is accompanied by a letter from Giuseppe Fiocco, dated November 22, 1952 stating that the painting is, in his opinion, a late work by Titian.