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Attributed to Robert Peake the Younger

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  • Robert Peake the Younger
  • Portrait of a lady said to be Margaret Arundel, Lady Weston (1540-1616)
  • Oil on canvas
  • 185.5 by 101.5cm., 73 by 40in.
Full length, standing on a fine turkey carpet, wearing a white headdress and muff, elaborately embroided bodice and grey cloak


Probably by descent in the Weston Family at Sutton Place;
John Webbe-Weston and thence by descent to Francis Henry Salvin (1817-1904)


Royal Academy, Exhibition of the Works of the Old Masters, 1884, no. 282 (as Zucchero);
Venice, Art Costume Exhibition, 1952


Frederick Harrison, Annals of an Old Manor House, Sutton Place, Guildford, 1893, pp. 90, 92, 161, illus. pl. 29;
'Sutton Place Surrey, The Residence of Mr Lawrence Harrison,' Country Life, Vol. IV, 31st December 1898, p. 826 (illustrated when hanging in the Hall)

Catalogue Note

Margaret Arundel was the daughter of Sir Thomas Arundel of Wardour and his wife Margaret, who was daughter of Lord Edmund Howard, Marshal of the Horse at the battle of Flodden and sister of Katherine Howard, fifth wife of Henry VIII. Her father was an important figure in the courts of Henry VIII and Edward VI, who built up considerable power and wealth, and in 1547 purchased Wardour Castle in Wiltshire. In 1551 he was arrested for treason and beheaded in 1552. In 1559 Margaret married Sir Henry Weston, son of Francis Weston, who was implicated in the fall of Anne Boleyn, convicted of adultery with the Queen and executed in 1536. Henry therefore inherited from his grandfather, the courtier Sir Richard Weston, who died in 1541. His inheritance included the house and manor of Sutton Place, which had been granted in 1521 to his grandfather who built a fine Tudor mansion. Sir Henry was M.P. for Surrey, and Sherrif for the County in 1569 and 1571.

Queen Elizabeth is recorded as having been entertained twice at Sutton Place by Sir Henry and his wife, once in the second year of her reign and once in 1591 when she was travelling from Farnham to Richmond. Sir Henry died in 1592 and the estate passed to their son Richard. The Weston family died out in 1782, when the estate was inherited by a distant cousin, John Webbe, who added the name Weston. It then passed to his daughter Anna Maria, who married William Thomas Salvin. Their son Francis Henry Salvin lent the portrait to the Royal Academy in 1884.