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[Batlamiyus] Ptolemy, Claudius. Almagest, Arabic Manuscript on Vellum, North-West Africa, Circa 13th Century

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8 leaves, 17 lines per page, maghribi script in brown ink on vellum, headings in bold maghribi in brown ink, 2 drawings in red ink, purple staining to some pages, modern red leather binding

Catalogue Note

Ptolemy's Almagest, or Batlamiyus' Almagesti as the Greek scientist and his treatise were known to the Islamic world, was a seminal work for Muslim science and learning.  The Almagest had already been translated into Arabic by the end of the eighth century, becoming the principal reference work for Arab astronomers of the medieval period and onwards.  Indeed, according to Young, Latham and Serjeant "the Almagest was undoubtedly the most powerful single influence upon Arabic astronomy." (Young Latham and Serjeant 1990, p.253). 

This particular volume includes four essays relating to the sun and its distance from the planets Zahra and 'Atarid, as well as various tables.