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  • Length of largest ushabti 9 in.
The Egyptian antiquities including a wood ushabti, painted gold over black and a painted terracotta ushabti, both 19th/20th Dynasty, 1292-1075 B.C.; a blue-green faience ushabti, 30th Dynasty/Ptolemaic Period, 380-30 B.C., schematic, broken and repaired at knees; a faience ushabti, 21st/22nd Dynasty, 1075-716 B.C., glaze worn off, remains of painted seed-sack visible on back; and a polychrome wood figure of a falcon, Ptolemaic Period, 304-30 B.C., probably from the base of a Ptah-Sokar-Osiris figure. Together with three Hellenistic terracotta oil lamps, each circa 2nd/1st Century B.C.; a Roman black-ware miniature amphora, circa 1st Century A.D.; a Mesopotamian clay tablet with cuneiform inscription, Ur III, circa late 3rd Millennium B.C.; a terracotta oil lamp with folded-in rim, probably Palestine, 8th/7th Century B.C.; a red-ware miniature jar; a ceramic two-handled barrel-shaped flask; a black-slip miniature unguentarium; and an Egyptian style green-glazed terracotta ushabti figure, with six lines of inscription in front. 15 items

Catalogue Note

Katharine Hepburn accompanied her father and stepmother during two trips to Greece and Egypt in the 1950's.  The objects comprising this group were most likely purchased during one of these vacations.