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A Vampire Killing Kit circa 1900

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  • width of box 11 3/4 in. (29.8cm)
the walnut box with brass lock and red plush fitted interior containing a wood stake, a double-barrel pistol, nine bullets, six bullet cloths, an ivory-mounted wood crucifix, a bullet mold, a brass and copper gun powder flask, a wood-capped glass serum bottle, and a lidded tin with Eley Bros., London, label, the interior lid affixed with paper label reading

Vampire Killing Kit   

This box contains the items considered necessary, for the protection of persons who travel into certain little known countries of Eastern Europe, where the populace are plagued with a particular manifestation of evil known as Vampires.  Professor Ernst Blomberg respectfully requests that the purchaser of this kit, carefully studies his book in order, should evil manifestations become apparent, he is equipped to deal with them efficiently.  Professor Blomberg wishes to announce his grateful thanks to that well known gunmaker of Li├Ęge, Nicholas Plomdeur whose help in the compiling of the special items, the silver bullets &c., has been most efficient. 

The items enclosed are as follows.

(1) An efficient pistol with its usual accoutrements.

(2) Silver bullets.

(3) An ivory crucifix.

(4) Powdered flowers of garlic.

(5) A wooden stake.

(6) Professor Blomberg's new serum.

Catalogue Note

There has been debate regarding the origin of these objects.  While some vampirists claim such kits were common in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, they were more likely assembled following the publication of Bram Stoker's Dracula in 1897 and marketed to travellers to eastern Europe.  Neither the existence of Professor Blomberg nor that of the gunmaker Plomdeur can be confirmed.  Also open to question is whether these kits were ever employed sucessfully in the killing of vampires.