Lot 180
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A large patinated bronze rendition of Napoleon's column (Colonne Vendôme) 19th Century

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  • height 5ft. 9in. by width 10in. (175cm by 25.5cm)
surmounted by an effigy of Napoleon I.


Didier Aaron, New York

Catalogue Note

The present lot is a reduction of the celebrated monumental bronze column which was erected to the glory of Napoleon I in the Place Vendôme, Paris. Constructed between 1806-1810, it was designed by Denon, Gondouin and Lepère in the style of Trajan's Column of Rome. It is encased in the bronze of cannons which had been captured at the Battle of Austerlitz (1805) and the spiral bronze bas-relief, commemorating Napoleon I's victories, was created by Bergeret. The column was originally surmounted by a statue of Napoleon dressed as Caesar, crowned with a laurel leaf and holding a globe in one hand; replaced during the Restauration with a likeness of Henry IV, this was then removed when Napoleon returned from Elba. Later, on the instruction of Louis Philippe, the statue was replaced by the figure of Napoleon dressed as seen on the offered lot, wearing a coat and his famous bi-corn hat. Napoleon III later altered the monument to its original form showing Napoleon clad as Caesar.