The Alluring Reflections of Liliane Lijn

LONDON - One of the four female artists represented in Sotheby’s selling and loan exhibition – The New Situation, Art in London in the Sixties, Liliane Lijn has just been shortlisted for submitting a work for the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square. This empty plinth in London’s, which at present is home to a work by Katharina Fritsch, has played host to works by Marc Quinn, Yinka Shonibare, Anthony Gormley and Thomas Schütte, among others. The Guardian notes that she is the “sole woman” in the shortlist of six. Liliane is a New York-born kinetic artist who has worked in London since the 1960s and is concerned with the effects of light and movement.

Liliane Lijn’s Liquid Reflections, 1966-68. Part of the selling exhibition The New Situation, Art in London in the Sixties now on view in London.

Lijn’s work is held in many public collections including the Tate; Museum of Modern Art, New York; Walker Art Center, Minneapolis and the Musée des Beaux-Arts. One of her works is installed on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The work included in the Sotheby’s exhibition, Liquid Reflections from 1966–68, has been one of the talking points of the show with visitors standing mesmerised by the gentle patterns created by two clear balls moving randomly across the surface of a Perspex drum containing water and liquid paraffin. This work originated from an idea Lijn had when playing with some clear marbles on her hand and watching the patterns of light reflections. At the time she was experimenting with injecting drops of polymer into blocks of Perspex to catch the light.

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