Stunning Cocktail Rings for the Festive Season

By Sotheby's

A s the holiday season approaches and the champagne is chilled, we take a closer look at the chicest way to accessorize a glass of Dom Perignon: the Cocktail Ring.

What better reason could a jewelry lover need to accessorize with a cocktail ring for the party season? Sotheby's Jewels Online sale (23 – 30 November) has a rich selection of cocktail rings.

The history of the cocktail ring is one of a bygone era, eloquently expressed by F. Scott Fitzgerald as “the greatest, gaudiest spree in history.”

1920s America was a decade of excess: social, artistic and cultural dynamisms fueled opulent lifestyles despite the Eighteenth Amendment. Prohibition gave way to the rise of the speakeasy, where eager cocktail-goers would flock to enjoy a rebellious French 75.

The stylish and fashionable woman of the decade, The Flapper, intent on enjoying herself and flouting conventional standards of behavior, dressed in luxuriously elegant jewels of multi-thread pearl necklaces, diadems and stacks of bracelets, but none as symbolic as the large, ornamental rings worn on the same hand that wielded an illicit cocktail.

Thus the cocktail ring was born, becoming an ultimate status symbol and creating a no-excuse policy for accessorizing your cocktail appropriately this holiday season.

Follow the links below to browse Sotheby's upcoming jewelry sales, and find the perfect cocktail ring for you this season.

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