Fatal Attraction: Asian Trendsetter Show Lo on Collecting Supreme

By Sotheby's
In the public eye, Show Lo is a star with many facets: a great singer and dancer, a witty host, and an all-rounded actor who breaks through various boundaries to take up a multitude of roles. Many people know him as fashion icon and trendsetter. In his private time, he applies his fashion sense to his pursuit as a collector. Not only is he well-versed in international streetwear brands, he is also a bona fide Supreme collector. Today, he talks to us about the fatal attraction of this cult brand.

What does Supreme mean to you?
A pioneer combining hip-hop music and street culture.

What got you into collecting Supreme?
As you know, I have always been really into fashion and trends. I first discovered Supreme from the magazines.

What makes Supreme so collectible?
I think they have always done a great job in their hunger marketing. They launch new products every week, but they don’t release large quantities no matter how well the products sell. This creates conversations in the market. I also think that the management behind it really has unique ideas, without losing the rebelliousness of a streetwear brand. In the beginning, they had to deal with controversies around originality, but they managed to convert these into hot topics and spin it around.

What are your 5-10 favourite Supreme accessories?
Vans, Nike, bicycle, pinball machine, Box Logo Tee…

Favourite Supreme collection of all time?
I have to pick three: Jordan, KAWS, Original Fake.

What is your all-time favourite Supreme item in your collection?
Pinball machine.

Why do you think Supreme has such high resale value?
Limited editions and that they are good at creating conversations, also they often come up with unexpected collaborations.

People go crazy for Supreme accessories - what makes them so appealing?
I suppose it is the celebrity effect over the years. Whether in Europe, America or Asia, trendsetters and artists wear them. Their followers as a result desire these items even more.

If you could only have one Supreme accessory, which would it be?
Vans, because I can wear them when I dance.

If you are stranded in an island and you are only allowed to bring one Supreme product. What would it be?
Surfboard I suppose. That way there is a chance of leaving the island.

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