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50 Years of Sotheby's in Germany: Fix and Foxi

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D uring my studies I followed the single owner sale of the Thurn and Taxis family, which happened next door to Munich, with passion. I was fascinated by the auction and the Sotheby’s members and hoped to work for Sotheby’s one day! Good things in life always take time and so I started my professional career with Sotheby’s in 2006, which I never regretted.

The Oil Painting, Ludwig Fischer (1926-1980), Blue drawing with ink on paper, partly retouched with opaque white, printed writing tapes glued on paper, each 51 x 36,5 cm, Sold to a Private Collection

After working for the art advisory company Gurr Johns, I applied for a job in Munich at Sotheby’s. As there was no vacancy I was told that it's normal to start as an intern and this was what they offered me. I decided to go for it. Fortune smiled on me as my internship turned out to be the best ever!

I had been asked to work on the Fix and Foxi single owner sale, the first auction in Munich since 1999. Heinrich Spreti and I put together the whole sale, writing the catalogue, organising the sponsorships, events and of course the many additional details related to an auction. In six months I learned a great deal.

Nicola Keglevich

We auctioned for the first time the original drawings for the German Comic Fix & Foxi. In the 1950s it was the first comic in Germany and a great success. Micky Mouse only entered the German market later, and with limited success at first. Fix & Foxi even became part of the German language with the expression “ ich bin Fix & Foxi” meaning “ I am totally exhausted”. I started to use this expression immediately as everybody saw my identification with my job, and nobody was aware that I actually meant it. The ideal life!

The stories of the comics reflect breaking news of their time. The image you see above belongs to the story in which an oil portrait travels to the US. It is based on a real occurrence in 1963, when the Mona Lisa was sent by ship to Washington. I learned a lot about historical events in the 1950s and 1960s while writing the auction catalogue.

It was a great experience and I am lucky to have the opportunity to continue working for Sotheby’s.

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