Laura Russo

  • Senior Director | Consultant


Laura Russo joined Sotheby’s in 1978 and opened our office in Turin  in 1981, which has become an important collecting centre for contemporary and modern art. During her tenure at Sotheby's, she has played a key role in many important sales in these categories in both Italy and the United Kingdom, including those of the Rossi Collection in London in 1999, the Questa Collection in Milan in 2005, the Alberto Bruni Tedeschi Collection in London in 2007 and The Monero Collection in London in 2009.

Ms Russo was also responsible for the sale of Lucio Fontana’s Concetto Spaziale in February 2009 in London for $6.4 million, one of the top five auction prices for the artist.

Ms Russo maintains exclusive advisory relationships with a number of major Turin-based collectors who participate at the highest levels in Sotheby’s sales.

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