Baukje Coenen

  • Senior Director | Senior Specialist | Old Master Paintings

Having started at Sotheby’s New York and London in the mid-1990s, Baukje managed the Sotheby’s Amsterdam Old Masters sales for many years and co-curated the sale of the Weldon Collection in 2015 in New York. She was responsible for the rediscovery of Paulus Bor’s The Annunciation of the Virgin's Death in 2002 (which is now in the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa). She is also an appointed and certified appraiser in Old Master Paintings. In 2018 she rejoined Sotheby’s heading the Paris Old Master Paintings department for 3 years until returning to the Amsterdam office as Senior Director.

Her particular expertise is in the area of Dutch and Flemish paintings and she has also written publications on the subject of 17th Century Haarlem figure drawings by the likes of Bega and Van der Cooghen.

Baukje has an extensive and profound knowledge of Old Master paintings and has come to enjoy close ties with many leading experts, scholars and museum curators, and with clients and collectors worldwide.

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