Alexandria Cubbage

  • Vice President | Head of Auction Sales, Americas, Major Collections
New York


Alexandria is a lawyer turned wine professional, and since pursuing a career in wine has worked in wine in both New York and Hong Kong with some of the world’s top collections and collectors. In 2006, Alexandria decided to take a sabbatical from her job as a public defender in Brooklyn at the Legal Aid Society, and during this period her love for cooking and food inspired her to obtain a retail sales position as temporary holiday help at Sherry-Lehmann. After the holiday season ended, Alexandria was asked to stay on as a retail sales associate and so her career in wine began.

With the completion of a year in retail, she wanted the opportunity to be hands on in combining the complexities and flavors she’s found in wine with similar nuances found in food. She started as a Cellar Steward for Phil Pratt at the ‘21’ Club. While there, Alexandria learned about the history of New York’s dining and wine culture. Next, she worked as a sommelier at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants at the London Hotel in New York for a little over two years. From there, she joined as a sommelier at Veritas where she worked with top wine professionals Tim Kopec, Kelli White and Rubén Sanz Ramiro as well as the wine collection of Park B. Smith and Don Stott.

After nearly four years of working in the wine program at Veritas including leading it after Rubén’s departure, Alexandria entered the auction field of wine with Zachys at the end of October 2013. During her first year, she was sent to work on a sale in Hong Kong and that experience propelled her interest in the growth of the fine wine market in Asia leading her to make a proposal to join the Hong Kong team. At the end of October 2016, Alexandria moved to Hong Kong to work with collectors in Hong Kong and other parts of Asia on both bringing their wines to auction including inspecting and packing up wines in Taiwan and Hong Kong as well as making buying recommendations for new and experienced collectors seeking to grow their collections.

After a year of working with the Zachys team in Hong Kong, Alexandria was offered a position with the Hong Kong based fine wine retailer, the Fine Wine Experience. Wanting greater understanding of the wine market in Asia, she joined this company where she focused on business development including coordinating wine events, primarily Burgundy focused, in mainland China and Singapore as well as hosting events in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. During this time, Alexandria worked on opening a brand new location for the company in Hong Kong representing the largest wine retail store in Hong Kong as well as one of Hong Kong’s top restaurants for wine, Bâtard, and a second shop and wine lounge in Tsim Sha Tsui’s K11 Musea. Now, she has returned to New York to focus on the inspection and coordination of bringing wine collections from North America’s top cellars to auction. She has obtained certification from the American Sommelier Association’s Intermediate Viticulture and Vinification Course and earned an Advanced Certificate with distinction from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust.

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