Sotheby's Financial Services | Testimonials

“During my 8 year relationship with Sotheby’s Financial Services I always felt that I could count on them to back me up with new acquisitions and investments. I never felt pressure from them of any kind, even in complicated moments like 2008.”
A European based collector of contemporary art
"Sotheby's Financial Services has been great to work with in all respects. The staff is accessible, personable, and most importantly, helpful. They have always listened to my needs and responded promptly, in a manner which provided me the financial flexibility I wanted."
A North Carolina based contemporary art collector

Julian C Manuszewski
"I have known Sotheby’s Financial Services for some time now as they made a loan facility available to my client, secured on a large portfolio of paintings. We managed to complete the deal in record time even though it was an international transaction involving 5 jurisdictions and required thinking outside the box and providing creative solutions, all of which SFS was happy to do."
Claire Wheatley, Partner, banking and finance group, Hill Dickinson LLP
"Quick, uncomplicated, reliable and above all flexible to adjust to change. A highly valued and solid partner for over 5 years and counting."
A leading Swiss based collector of contemporary art

"Strategic lending goes hand in hand with strategic buying. There is no better partner than one that understands that combination. Sotheby’s Financial Service’s flexibility has been important to me to maneuver quickly when I needed to. It's that first hand relationship with the art market that clearly makes the difference. That is why I have been with SFS for over 25 years."
A New York based collector of Chinese contemporary art
"I first borrowed money from Sotheby's Financial Services in the late 1980's, and have repaid and drawn down my various lines many times since. Sotheby's responsiveness and flexibility has been a consistent hallmark of our relationship. Especially in the current bank regulatory environment, where asset-based lending to high net worth individuals has become increasingly complicated and difficult, it is refreshing to deal with people who understand the value of art and antiques as collateral."
A New York based collector of contemporary art and furniture