Parcel Bidding

What is a parcel?

A parcel is a group of lots of the same type and quantity of wine. The only potential differences between the lots are the condition or levels of the bottles.

How do I place an absentee bid?

When placing an absentee bid, you will be prompted to enter your selection of additional lots. If you are successful, you will also be purchasing these additional lots in a parcel at the same price. If there is a higher absentee bid on a later lot in this parcel, you will be purchasing additional lots up until that one.

How will I bid during the live auction?

If you have a successful online bid of a parcel lot during the live auction, you will be prompted to enter your selection of additional lots to purchase. If you make no selection, the auctioneer will finalize your bid and move on to the next lot.

How are parcels sold?

At the auctioneer’s discretion, the successful bidder of the first lot in a parcel shall have the option to purchase in consecutive order one or more of the remaining lots in the parcel, each at the same successful bid price as the first lot.

If any lots in the parcel are not purchased, the auctioneer will open the bidding on the next unsold lot in the parcel and the successful bidder of that lot shall have the same option at the newly established successful bid price.