The London Showroom


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Sotheby's London Showroom is dedicated to showcasing the finest assortment of art, design and luxury items, all available for immediate purchase.

The online space currently features a collaboration with gallerist and tastemaker, Rebecca Willer. From her stable of leading international artists, she highlights a collection of architectural bronze candlesticks and candelabras designed by one of the most distinctive sculptors of the 20th century, Lynn Chadwick, and exciting new creations from Claudy Jongstra, who works with wool as a contemporary artistic medium. “With throws crafted of wool felt, humankind’s earliest textile, Claudy Jongstra creates large scale artworks and architectural installations, which are rooted in observations of the cycles of nature in her native landscape and reflect her deep-seated commitment to the environment.” notes Julia Fischel, Specialist Modern British and Irish Art.

Featuring a selection of exceptional items, each one hand-picked by a Sotheby’s specialist or leading tastemaker, the online boutique will offer clients a new way to encounter and purchase exciting property by leading designers, artists, craftsmen and makers, outside of the traditional auction calendar.


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