2. Adam Pendleton Untitled (We Are Not)

Estimate: 95,000–110,000 USD


Adam Pendleton
b. 1984
Untitled (WE ARE NOT)
Silkscreen ink on canvas
36 by 28 in.

Courtesy the artist and Pace Gallery

Catalogue Note
Working in a range of mediums including painting, collage, installation, and video, Pendleton uses language as a primary material, recontextualizing text and image to refigure contemporary and historical narratives. Pendleton brushes, throws, and sprays paint to generate as many kinds of marks and “mistakes” as possible: a chorus of gestures. The titular phrase, WE ARE NOT, never quite resolves as it competes with stray flecks, splatters, and drips. Caught between abstraction and representation, a field of stuttering language emerges.

A portion of proceeds will benefit the artist. For inquiries, please email us at bid@thecontemporaryaustin.org .