162e Vente des Vins des Hospices de Beaune

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Hospices de Beaune Auction?

    Each year, the harvest of the vineyards of the Hospices de Beaune is auctioned off, the proceeds of which are dedicated to improving the hospital's care facilities as well as to the conservation of the Hotel Dieu museum. The funds raised allow for the adaptation and necessary investment to provide the best possible care for patients. A major annual event throughout Burgundy and more broadly in the world of wine, the Hospices de Beaune wine sale is part of a weekend of festivities, punctuated by street shows, folk parades, exceptional tastings or cellar visits.
    The wine is sold en primeur: the harvested grapes are freshly vinified and ready to be aged. The wine is sold in 228 liters barrels (called pièces). After the sale, the buyer must entrust the barrels to a Burgundian négociant-éleveur for maturing. 18 to 24 months later, the wine is ready to be bottled and consumed.
    During the auction, a special barrel, called the Presidents' Barrel, is sold separately for the benefit of one or more charities represented by a celebrity coming from the Arts or Entertainment. In 2021, €800,000 were collected in support of two associations decreasing violence against women.

    Participating in the Hospices de Beaune Wine Sale is a unique opportunity to acquire an exceptional Burgundy wine while contributing to the work of the Hospices and supporting the local communities.

How Can I Participate In The Auction?

    Select your Burgundy wine en primeur among more than 51 different Cuvées offered for sale every year:

    - 33 red wines
    - 18 white wines
    - 2 Cuvées of Fine de de Bourgogne and Marc de Bourgogne

    Explore all the Cuvées, from an affordable Village to a rare Grand Cru appellation, such as Corton, Mazis-Chambertin, Meursault, Corton-Charlemagne or Bâtard-Montrachet.

    A list of Cuvées and their characteristics will be published on our website, as well as the tasting notes by Jasper Morris MW. Our team of Specialists is happy to advise you on the wines offered for sale.
    There are four ways to bid:

    - online
    - By Telephone
    - In The Room
    - By Leaving A Written Bid

    Please contact hospicesdebeaune@sothebys.com prior to the sale in order to arrange your registration. Please note that seating is very limited in the Great Hall.

    Parcel Bidding

    Each Cuvée on sale in the auction is divided into series of several barrels. With parcel bidding, when the buyer purchases the first lot of a specific Cuvée, they will have the opportunity to acquire one or more of the remaining lots of the Cuvée, at the same hammer price.
    After the auction, your barrel will have to be aged for 18 to 24 months by a Burgundian négociant-éleveur.

    You will choose:

    - The négociant to whom you will entrust the maturation of your wine.
    - The size of bottle.
    - The personalisation of the label.

    Once bottled, your wine can be collected from your négociant in Burgundy or delivered to the place of your choice.

How Much Will I Pay in Total?

    The structure of this unique Sale is a bit different from a regular auction. On top of the Hammer Price, additional fees have to be considered:

    - Sotheby's Buyer's Premium and Overhead Premium, set at 8% of the Hammer Price
    - The wooden barrel (price depending on the wine)
    - The Hammer Price and all the above fees are subject to VAT at 20%.

    For a VAT exemption, please refer to the next page.
    Ageing fees will be charged depending on the purchased vintage and the designated éleveur.

    Example: purchase of a barrel at €15,000 (hammer price) and a fixed ageing price of €3,000. Please note that ageing prices vary drastically from one négociant-éleveur to another, and from one Cuvée to another. The price set in this example is entirely hypothetical and shows the case of a purchase without VAT.
    Two discounts of 2% each can be given by the Hospices Civils de Beaune on the hammer price, under certain conditions.

    - Discount of 2% on the Hammer Price for early payment - if the payment is made before 31 December 2022.

    - Discount of 2% on the Hammer Price for early collection -  second discount of 2% is granted if the collection of the barrel at the Hospices de Beaune winery takes place before 31 January 2023 (or 28 February 2023 if Hospices de Beaune decides otherwise - based on wine analysis).

    These discounts will be given to you directly by Sotheby’s on behalf of the Hospices Civils de Beaune, once the total invoice has been paid and the barrel collected.
    VAT is applied on the sale of goods and services, therefore on the total price (hammer price and Premium) at the rate of 20%.

    Sale under suspension of VAT: the Suspensive Export Tax System (Régime Fiscal Suspensif à l’Exportation or RFSE)

    If the wines are to be exported outside the European Union, a VAT suspension procedure (known as RFSE) may apply and a tax representative responsible for completing the tax formalities on your behalf must be appointed. Sotheby's can assist you in your choice for this step and guide you through the process.


    Sotheby's produces an invoice including VAT, for your records
    1. Sotheby's produces an invoice including VAT, for your records.
    2. You designate your négociant-éleveur and opt for the RFSE system.
    3. The tax representative (or tax agent) is appointed.
    4. Sotheby's sends you an invoice, exclusive of VAT, to be paid.
    5. Your negociant-éleveur collects the wines from the Hospices de Beaune winery for ageing.
    6. After bottling, completion of the RFSE regime by your tax representative, tax agent or wine negociant-éleveur Bottles are then necessarily exported.

    Depending on your situation, different scenarios can apply.

    A VAT Registered company

    EU Resident

    To export your wines without VAT, you appoint a tax agent who will carry out the customs formalities related to the RFSE on your behalf.

    This agent becomes responsible for completing the administrative and tax formalities on your behalf and is responsible for finalising the tax suspension at the end of the ageing period.

    This designation is mandatory, as well as the export of the entirety of the bottles at the end of the ageing process.

    After maturing and bottling, the agent will produce a new invoice exempt from VAT as well as a necessary customs declaration for the export of your bottles.
    Article 262-I French Tax Code

    Outside the EU

    Same principle. This time, a tax representative will be appointed and will take care on your behalf of the administrative and customs formalities that are required for the placement under RFSE.

    After ageing and bottling, the representative will produce a new invoice exempt from VAT as well as a necessary customs declaration for the export of your bottles.
    Article 262 ter-1 French Tax Code

    An Individual

    EU Resident

    The sale includes all taxes.

    Outside the EU

    For a private client outside of the EU, the tax suspension process is the same, except that an individual does not appoint a tax representative or an agent.

    The designated négociant-éleveur will be in charge of the customs and administrative formalities on your behalf.

    If your négociant-éleveur does not have RFSE authorization, the company Hillebrand can assist you with this process. Bottles still must be exported at the end of the ageing process.
    Article 277-A-1 French Tax Code.


Please contact hospicesdebeaune@sothebys.com for any enquiry about the auction.

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