Francois-Paul Journe began his career as a clock restorer in France. Ultimately, the talented watchmaker created his own manufacture in 1999. His innovative approach to watchmaking and great sense of design inevitably made Francois-Paul Journe one of the most acclaimed independent watchmakers and the only one to win the celebrated Aiguille d’Or prize three times. Staying true to his ‘Invenit et Fecit’ philosophy, that is ‘Invented and Made’, the Resonance has left an indelible mark on haute horology with its rigorous craftsmanship since its launch in the year 2000.

At a first glance the Resonance may deceive the public as a simple dual time watch. However, on the contrary, it not only has an appealing watch face, but it also has a very exciting and technologically advanced movement. As its name suggests, the Resonance adopts a pair of balance wheels that not only power the two-time zones displayed, but most astonishingly serve together as exciter and resonator which provides more inertia to the movement and results in greater accuracy of time. Abraham-Louis Breguet was the first to discover the principles of 'resonance'. Breguet's resonance watches introduced two independent movements within the same case and in so doing, Breguet was able to demonstrate that the balances became regulated by the 'resonance' phenomenon, oscillating exactly in step with one another.

Like all early versions of F.P. Journe wristwatches, the present example features a clean brass movement, as opposed to the later ones crafted from solid gold. Given the low production in the early years and the short production span, early F.P. Journe watches with brass movements have become very sought-after by collectors and often demand premiums over later versions. The present example is engraved 179-02R on the back, which indicates that this watch was made in the year 2002. It has further been retained in attractive condition and is offered complete with its warranty card and presentation case.