T he enticing piece features one of Jang Koal’s trademark pale-skinned, cat-eyed, red-lipped young women. As part of her series “Velvet Heart”, viewers are enveloped in a surreality facing the subject’s large, striking blue eyes that represent the psychological glare into the complex human soul and psyche. The glittering pigment swirling around the curious woman is a visual manifestation of the artist’s idea of feelings. Recognising the difficulty of vocalising one’s sentiments, Koal creates a visible representation of the ephemeral, fleeting nature of human thoughts to prompt viewers to reflect on their inner worlds and how they deal with their emotive selves.

Jang Koal is a South Korean pop-surrealist artist specializing in blending cartoon forms with Eastern painting techniques, often featuring female characters in bold and daring compositions. Koal usually works with age-old techniques, layering colour and pigment on hanji (traditional Korean paper). The artist’s distinctive heroines often feature piercing eyes and pale skin and often dive into exploration and curiosity themes. Her heroines have attracted worldwide recognition, with her works being displayed in various international showcases and gallery exhibitions and featured in Colección SOLO, a private museum in Madrid.

Jang Koal這幅引人入勝的作品,以她招牌的皮膚蒼白、貓眼紅唇的年輕女子為主題。本作屬於藝術家的「天鵝絨之心」(Velvet Heart)系列,而畫中主角以湛藍奪目的一雙大眼直視觀眾,更有如在心理層面直視觀眾複雜的靈魂深處,讓觀眾沈浸在這超現實的觀感之中。圍繞著畫中這位好奇女子、似在閃閃發光的色塊,是藝術家對人物感受的視覺呈現。Koal理解以言語表達個人情緒的難處,因此她用這樣的視覺語彙詮釋個人想法轉瞬即逝的特質,引領觀眾反思他們的內心世界,並審視自己如何處理自己情緒化的一面。

南韓流行超現實主義藝術家Jang Koal擅長糅合卡通的元素與東方的繪畫技巧,而她的畫作以大膽破格的構圖呈現不同的女性角色。以傳統的技巧於傳統韓紙上堆疊顏料是Koal慣常的創作手法。她筆下的女子都有著炯炯有神的雙眼及蒼白如紙的肌膚,而藝術家以這些女子探討好奇與探索等主題。Koal畫中這些極具辨識度的女子受到世界各地藝術觀眾的青睞,而她的作品亦曾於多個國際展覽及畫廊群展中展出,更曾於馬德里一間名為「獨一收藏」(Colección SOLO)的私人博物館中展出。