S triking streaks of vibrant paint run across a collage of various figures on the canvas, depicting a group of children with ominous faces in Aboudia's Street Kids Series 001, a common and prominent motif throughout his oeuvre. As a storyteller of history and culture, the work tells the artist's emotional experience against the historical trauma of war and social oppression. Drawing inspiration from his hometown's local street art culture, Aboudia's figures pay homage to his roots, referencing Nouchi's iconography and traditional forms of Vodou while depicting the urban landscape of wandering children on the streets. Its aggressive lines and overbearing scale propels effects of disorder and conflict, concepts that tie closely to the artist's personal experience growing up in Abidjan.

Similar auction example: Aboudia, Untitled, 2013, acrylic and mixed media on canvas, 125 by 200 cm, sold: Sotheby's, London, April 2021, 107,100 GBP
相類上拍作品:阿布迪亞,《無題》,2013年作,壓克力複合媒材畫布,125 x 200 公分,售出:倫敦蘇富比,2021年4月,107,100 英鎊

A firm believer in colour and its fluidity in creation, Aboudia revels in its freedom, “Color is like a character. You do not choose it; it appears”. Demonstrated in the present work, unrestrained lines of greens, oranges and yellows interweave to form wild figures stretching across the canvas, yet still being confined in the pictorial space of the piece subtly exuded a sense of entrapment. Viewers are greeted with a sense of controlled chaos, visualizing a conception of the artist’s experience and emotions through an interplay between innocence and darkness. The overlapping colours, images and multidirectional flow of figures further accentuate the artist’s roots, the street art style capturing the ever-penetrating nature of human emotion. One might see a parallel between the artist’s eccentric style and the works of Jean-Michel Basquiat, in which both are influenced by the ethnic icons of their cultures and utilize them to express their inner minds through art.

Similar auction example: Aboudia, La Famille, 2019, acrylic and mixed media on canvas, 210 by 230 cm, sold: Sotheby's, Hong Kong, September 2021, 1,638,000 HKD
相類上拍作品:阿布迪亞,《家人》,2019年作,壓克力複合媒材畫布,210 x 230 公分,售出:香港蘇富比,2021年9月,1,638,000 港元

Claustrophobic yet creatively liberated, the uncalculated and dynamic composition of the piece emphasise the artist’s identity as a free painter. Strongly influenced by the Ivorian civil war in 2011, Aboudia’s works often portray trauma through menacing imagery of armed soldiers and groups of ghoulish figures. Commentary on social inequalities, documentation of the hardships of mundane life and exposure of the perils of war became common motifs executed through interchanging lines that come together as an expression of his interior world of tangled emotions and ideas about the world.

Street Kids Series 001 documents Aboudia’s culture and history, putting the limelight on street children, an often neglected group that the artist regards as the future. In the artist’s own words, “Consider art as a single entity, and we can move forward by transforming the world with colours.” With the conviction to remove borders in art, Aboudia validates the dreams and stories of children in his work, radiating a powerful sense of belonging to his country and its people through his artistic creations.



Similar auction example: Aboudia, Untitled, 2013, acrylic, oil stick and printed paper collage on canvas, 124.3 by 199.5 cm, sold: Sotheby's, London, August 2021, 81,900 GBP
相類上拍作品:阿布迪亞,《無題》,2013年作,壓克力、油彩筆及印刷紙本拼貼於畫布,124.3 x 199.5 公分,售出:倫敦蘇富比,2021年4月,81,900 英鎊