'I’ve been a fan of Lhouette’s work for some time now. My wife, Storm, commissioned him to create a stunning bespoke piece for me as a 40th birthday gift and I love it. We’ve become good friends since, so it was special to be able to collaborate together on the video for my single ‘Little Thing Called Love’. It’s a real privilege to work alongside him on this project. I hope that ‘Knight Nurse’ goes to a good home and raises lots in support of UNICEF’s crucial work.'
Ronan Keating

During recent months of lockdown, Ronan Keating recorded a new single 'Little Thing Called Love' which was shot at social distance at home. He asked fans to send in their own 'little things' to be included in the music video together with a special commission from contemporary artist Lhouette incorporating imagery relating to the global pandemic and conveying an over-riding message of hope. Knight Nurse will be sold to raise funds for Unicef's work with children affected by the pandemic around the world.